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Anthozoa at Marine species identification portal
Key to marine species, Anthozoa

Cantharidae on Colpolon
Photo overview of Cantharidae

Cantharidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Cantharidae

Carabidae on Coloe-net
Carabidae key

Carabidae on Colpolon
Photo overview of Carabidae

Carabidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Carabidae

Coccinellidae on Colpolon
Photos of Coccinellidae

Coccinellidae on Kerbtier
Photos of Coccinellidae

Danish species of Tenthredinidae
Overview of some Danish Tenthredinidae




Echinodea at Marine species identification portal

Glossary crustaceae
Complete glossary for crustaceae

Hemiptera in UK
Photos of Nabidae

Hydrophilidae on Coleo-net
Hydrophilidae key

Hydrophilidae on Colpolon
Photo overview Hydrophilidae

Hydrophilidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview Hydrophilidae

Lygaeidae on Britishbugs
Lygaeidae photos and descriptions

Marine species identification portal
Key to marine species, Gammaridae

Mordellidae on Colpolon
Photo overview Mordellidae

Mordellidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview Mordellidae

Mysidacea at Marine Species Identification Portal
Crustaceae key

Mysidacea at Marine Species Identification Portal
Crustaceae key

Oedemeridae on Colpolon
Photos of Oedemeridae

Oedemeridae on Kerbtier
Photos of Oedemeridae

Pyrochroidae on Colpolon
Photos of Pyrochroidae

Pyrochroidae on Kerbtier
Photos of Pyrochroidae

Scarabaeidae on Coleo-net
Scarabaeidae key

Scarabaeidae on Colpolon
Photo overview of Scarabaeidae

Scarabaeidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Scarabaeidae

Staphylinidae on Coleo-net
Staphylinidae key

Korkealaatuiset systematiikkaa käsittelevät Internet - sivustot

Apionidae on Kerbtier
Apionid weewils

British bugs
Online identification guide to British Hemiptera

Butterfly larvae
Galerie Chenilles

Carabidae on Eurocarabidae
Carabidae from Europe, high quality photo overview

Cerambycidaea oversigt
Fantastisk flot side med træbukke med mere end 600 vest palaearktiske arter.

Chrysomelidae key on coleo-net
Online key for Chrysomelidae

Chrysomelidae on Colpolon
Photos of Chrysomelidae

Chrysomelidae photos on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Chrysomelidae

Online keys for Coleoptera

Curculionidae on Coleo-net
Online key for Curculionidae

Curculionidae on Colpolon
Photos of Curculionidae families

Curculionidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Curculionidae

Foreningen til Svampekundskabens Fremme
Information on the society, its activities and publications, including indexes of articles and illustrations from the journal Svampe, the Danish red list of fungi and information on the book series Fungi of Northern Europe.

Hemiptera keys
British Bugs

Hi quality photos of beetles

Bl.a. gode fotooversigter over biller

Marine species identification portal

Miridae in Denmark
Complete site with photos, species descriptions etc.

Extensive mushroom site with over 3000 photos

Snegle i Schleswig-Holsten
Schleswig-Holsteinske land- og fersvandssnegle.

Spinnen Europas

Staphylinidae on Colpolon
Photo overview of Staphylinidae

Staphylinidae on Kerbtier
Photo overview of Staphylinidae


Meget fin oversigtsside, med fotos af et stort antal tæger.

Taksonomiset viitesivustot

Danish redlist
Danish Redlist


Anatomical atlas of flies
Flot præsentation af fluers anatomi

Bihrmanns Bugs
Photos of Danish bugs. Divided into non-scientific groups. Danish and Latin names.

Taxonomic tree of plants and animals with photos

Bird Box Company
We design, develop and produce bird houses, nesting boxes and bird feeders in the environmentally friendly material polypropylene. Our products last longer and have more security features than those made of wood.

Danmarks Orkideer
Wild Orchids of Denmark.

Functions for simple identification and information search of Nordic wildflowers. Plant names in the Nordic languages and in English.

Danish Ornithological Society

Ett myller av liv
This is an educational site on biodiversity for Swedish schools and the public. The meaning of the title is A swarm of life. It is made in collaboration with WWF. Contains more than 2000 pages.

Fish and fishing

Fouling-Atlas / Bewuchs-Atlas e.V.
Information on Fouling and Antifouling for Professional und Private Users. Content: Antifouling Library, Fouling Database, Fouling Encyclopaedia, Antifouling Product Lists and Antifouling Legislation

The pedagogical site of Malmo Nature School with information about animals and nature in the south of Sweden. You can also find ideas of how to work with outdoor education in school.

Lavendelfoto Pflanzenarchiv
Lavendelfoto is a plant archive with 20.500 digital botanical pictures in quadrilingual description on a scientific database with download-facility for professional users of plant photos.

Dear Collaegues Website of to sells or to exchange all family of lepidoptera Best wiches LP

Website with lots of information on dragonflies and damselflies. For every species that occurs in the Netherlands you can find information on distribution, biology, habitat, protection and lots of pictures.

Online key for mushrooms

Nakskov Fjord
En stor hjemmeside om naturen og kulturmiljøet ved Nakskov Fjord og Vestlolland. Temaer om planter, fugle, padder, fisk, stenalder mm. Masser af spændende viden.

Presentation of practical elements in teaching and communication of the nature and natural environment with photos, links, activities etc. in connection with the book Håndbog i naturpædagogik. Site is in Danish.

Birds insects flowers etc.

Norwegian nature and flowers.
Flower and nature from Norway and other country.

Pfifferling- Seite
My new Homepage www.Pfifferlinge.com is online. Informations about the pfifferling and collecting them.

SmHF - Smålands Herpetologiska Förening
Småland Herpetological Society is a society based in south eastern Sweden for everyone whos interested in reptiles and amphibians.

Svenska Natur Bakgrunder
High Quality Nature photogallery - Flowers, Birds, Landscape, Winter, Butterflies and more.

The Plant Explorer
En hjemmeside med foto af Dagliljer, Hosta, Bregner, Helleborus og Bregner.


ACS Webphotos
Browse high quality photos & articles. Over 1000 stock images to choose from.

Archive & Freelance Photographer Anastazia Jorgensen. Nature health people travel symbols herbs Under construction +45 38191507

ask4Photos is a stock photo agency. Stock photos are images sold from an image library primarily to advertising agencies, periodicals and news media.

Close-Ups Photo by Grønne
Natures shapes and colors, microscope and macrophotos of insects, crystals, and a lot more.

An ongoing photo-odyssey through Denmark

Danmark Dejligst
Beautiful motives from Denmark.

Dansk freelance fotograf, Nordjylland
Erik Sahl - Danish digital freelance Photographer i North Jutland in Denmark - living in Fjerritslev in Han Herred, close to area remarkable to its beauty of scenery, near forest and sea

Danske Fotogallerier
Webring with Danish photo galleries.

Digital Photography Review
Comprehensive digital photo site.

Evelien - fine art landscape photography
Evelien is specialized in landscape photography. Besides that she also does portrait, travel and interior photography. Her photos can be sent as an ecard and some can be downloaded a wallpaper.

Photo Site of Nothern Germany. white cliffs of isle Ruegen, old ruins of castles and churches, flowers and animals, university of Greifswald, people in black & white, erotic...

Gratis billeder - Naturae.dk
Free pictures for online use

Pictures from Norway

Image of european, primarily danish, nature. Particular focus on birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

Natures Window
Natures Window is a photo gallery dedicated to wildlife, nature and travel photography in general and reptiles and amphibians in particular.

Nature Photography

See and download nature pics from www.oldskoolman.de for your website.

Naturplan Foto
Collection of photos with good on-line presentation

Nicolai Brix
Dygtig natur og friluftsfotograf, mange billeder ser ud til at være kraftig efterbearbejdede men rigtigt flotte


Danish pictures, historical pictures, royalty free pictures, press pictures etc.

Different pictures of nature and animals, fx. Hereford from the show in Holbæk

Steves Digicams
Comprehensive photo site with tests of all the newest.

Portal containing information on all aspects of fungi in Denmark.

Muuta aiheeseen liittyvää

Begynderhaven - Haven på nettet
Følg årets gang i haven, og find ud af hvornår de forskellige planter skal sås, hvornår grønsagerne skal høstes og mange andre ting.

Bihrmanns Caudiciforms
Photos of caudiciforms, plants with caudex, swollen stam, onion, rhizome or pachycauls succulents, from all over the world.

BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden
Danish-language news journal about science, especially biology and new development in medicine.

BioSite. Biochemical Encyclopedia. Biotechnical and medical companies in Denmark. Suppliers of laboraory equipment. Likns to biopages in Danmark.

Et Selskab / Forening hvor intereserede samles om interessen for udbredelsen og kendskabet til dyrkning af Pelargonieslægten.

Den intelligente landsbyhjemmeside
Den intelligente landsbyhjemmeside gør dig synlig i din nye storkommune. En dynamisk hjemmeside som finansierer sig selv og giver overskud.

InternetBuchhandlung Rüdiger Biermann
Bookstore to the topics nature and environment.

Informationer og aktiviteter for alle landsbyer på Mols. Få mere at vide om de enkelte lokalområder på Mols og omegn.

Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
The name of most useful plants of the world in 70 languages and 25 scripts. A project in progress 1995 - 2020. Hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Nygaard´s Geder
Breeder of Boergoats, the biggerst farm in Denmark. Boergoat is a meatgoat, the full colored goat are imported from New Zealand.

Overnatning på Hørhavegård
Bed & Breakfast close to the Tystrup-Bavelse lakes... for further information see the homepage

Popular articles about all aspects of plant sciences. Topics from genes to nature, environment and health.

Quiz: birds, flags and pictures
Pictures, flags, geography, mixed, wild flowers and birds quiz. Guess what species of bird is shown on the photograph? There are four possible answers but only one is right. Put up a new high score and become a quiz king/queen on www.jeder.at

Underholdning til fest og firmaarrangementer
Lepidopterologen Steen Bork Christensen er også tryllekunstner. Steens speciale er close-up trylleri. Bestil underholdning, hvor publikum får lov til at deltage aktivt!

Verlag Rüdiger Biermann
The publishing house, founded in January 2005, will focus on flora, vegetation and ecology. The program will start with a book about the Cyperaceae in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) in 2006.

X-Ray dive Magazine
X-Ray Mag is a complimentary international bimontly dive magazine published in the pdf-format and distributed worldwide over the internet . Our contributors, colummists and editors include some of the worlds leading names in their fields.

Biopixin uutisia

>120.000 photos, >12.000 species/motives
We now have more than 120.000 photos online, covering more than 12.000 species/motives.

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